Raw cow’s milk

Pereira Pastures: Source for grass fed raw Jersey milk. Milk is available through a herd share and there are weekly drop offs in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. http://www.pereirapastures.com/


Do you drink raw milk?

You are not alone: http://www.thecompletepatient.com/journal/2011/3/13/open-letter-to-fdas-dairy-head-john-sheehan-why-hide-serious.html

Food Sovereignty Law First in Nation

Bans regulatory interference and re-asserts right to private food contracts, citing that long-forgotten document called The Declaration of Independence: http://www.thecompletepatient.com/journal/2011/3/7/heres-a-way-to-eliminate-the-regulators-and-lawyers-and-buil.html

SB 510 Alert

Now is the time to call your Senators, should you want to keep the FDA’s nose out of your refrigerator. See David Gumpert’s article on the subject.

Senate Bill 510

If passed, it would grant the FDA much broader powers to persecute raw milk farms. Perhaps it’s time to call your Senators.

David Gumpert on Karma

Raw milk karma, of course…

Goat Milk Available Abq South Valley

Found on craigslist:
We have two milkers (14 Gallons a week!) and we cannot keep up!
We dont want to throw milk away, please contact us if you want milk.
Legally we cannot sell milk (because our backyard is not a dairy) However we are open to any kind of trade or donation, or if you want to learn how to milk, we will teach you and you can come as often as you’d like!
We do not use any hormones/pharmaceuticals on our La Manchas…
Bring your own jug/jar!
email: sale-cjezk-1858774242@craigslist.org

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