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Raw milk delivery available in Albuquerque!

Great news! Monte at says they are offering home delivery of De Smet Raw Milk beginning immediately.


From craiglist: Raw Goat/Cow Milk Shares/and animal use – $8 (Maxwell, NM )

Kuchan Ranch offers shares in its dairy goat herd. It is not legal to sell raw milk for human consumption, however, receiving raw milk through a share program as outlined in Senate Bill 05-0555 is legal.

Price per share $10.00. Shareholders may buy as many shares as they like, each share being a one time purchase. These shares may be sold back at any time. A monthy boarding fee of $30.00 per share provides for us to house, feed, milk and care for your portion of the herd. Each share will entiltle the shareholder to one gallon of milk per week. Boarding fees are due monthly, regardless of quantity of milk in your share.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a share in our herd. We invite all potential shareholders to visit, meet the goats, and observe our feeding, milk handling and care practices.

We also provide Raw Goat and Raw cow milk for animals only (Not for human consumption) you do not need to purchase a share for milk for animals. Milk freezes well. $8.00 a gallon.

Next delivery date will be May 20th, to Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

SB 510 Alert

Now is the time to call your Senators, should you want to keep the FDA’s nose out of your refrigerator. See David Gumpert’s article on the subject.

David Gumpert on Whole Foods Action

Whole Foods discontinues raw milk sales in CA, PA, CT, WA, effective Sat. Word is WF’s insurer gave ultimatum.

Michael Schmidt and Mark McAfee weigh in on Whole Foods Action

All organic milk off the shelves today at Whole Foods. Perhaps a blessing in disguise?

Organic Pastures Dairy in California hit hard by insurance ploy

Via Facebook: Organic Pastures Dairy- RAW DAIRY PRODUCTS is NOT pleased!!! We have just learned that Whole Foods insurance will no longer cover ANY raw milk sales NATIONALLY!!! This is affecting all states that currently are able to sell raw milk in the stores. Our product, as well as all other raw milk, will be taken off the shelves starting tomorrow at 8:00 am! We have done nothing wrong, this is a biased and blantant attack on raw milk and we will not stand for it!

Whole Foods California is working around the clock to try and resolve this issue, but until then we, as long with many other raw milk producers, will not be on the shelves. Please feel free to call our office at 1877 RAW MILK to find out whom you may contact to complain about this issue and to find a store near you that still has raw milk on the shelves!!!!

Update from Cathy Raymond on Symposium

UPDATE – 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium, April 10 in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re extending early bird registration discount until Tuesday, March 23. Register now online – $50 symposium or $150 FundRAISER dinner featuring Raw Milk Maverick Mark McAfee. Symposium Speakers include Sally Fallon Morell, Ted Beals…, M.D., German Biodynamic researcher, Prof. Dr. Ton Baars, FTCLDF Attorneys and more. See

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