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Be prepared, if you go the private club route

Rawesome Raid lessons learned might be helpful to those starting out.


Food Sovereignty Law First in Nation

Bans regulatory interference and re-asserts right to private food contracts, citing that long-forgotten document called The Declaration of Independence:

David Gumpert on Karma

Raw milk karma, of course…

Goat’s milk on craigslist

Abq South Valley: Fresh Sweet and Creamy Oberhausli goat milk. Excellent taste. Buy a share and guarantee your milk supply this year. Call 266-6282.

Goat herd-share in Los Lunas

Reposted from Abq craigslist: Goat Milk Shares available. Raw or pasteurized – it is your milk so have it your way! Delivery can be arranged to Albuquerque. Call for details. 505-259-1343.

Civil disobedience in Wisconsin

The raw milk saga heats up in Wisconsin, in wake of governor’s veto of raw milk bill.

Raw Milk Hunting Tips

By Anne Elliott:

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