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Senate Bill 286 (anti-raw-milk) dies!

Thank you to those who took action.


Anti Raw-Milk Bill to be Presented Thursday, Feb 28

More details here. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated.

Anti Raw Milk Bill in NM Legislature

Folks, the raw milk battle has come to our state, as it was destined to do.

Please bring this to your friends’ and family’s attention as you see fit.

Be prepared, if you go the private club route

Rawesome Raid lessons learned might be helpful to those starting out.

How to Survive a Farm Raid

In light of the recent FDA raid on an Amish farmer, this information may be valuable to our farmers and herdshare owners. The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund has a legal hotline available to you 24/7 if agents should appear at your door. Joining the Fund will help them continue to engage the FDA in the courts on our behalf.

Raw cow’s milk

Pereira Pastures: Source for grass fed raw Jersey milk. Milk is available through a herd share and there are weekly drop offs in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Do you drink raw milk?

You are not alone:

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